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Are Online Poker Rooms Safe From Cheating?

According to Richard Marcus, online poker rooms are filled with cheats, and it is only going to get worse.

Marcus knows what he is talking about when it comes to defrauding casinos; he and his team of experts did so for 25 years, in Atlantic

City, Monte Carlo, London and Las Vegas, raking in a reputed $5 million. He now writes books on his experiences, and he warns that

online cheating is much easier than live casinos.

"There is so much cheating going on," said Marcus. "Within a short amount of time we are going to see about one in a hundred people

playing honestly. The rest will be using bots or it will be computers playing against computers."

At least one poker site refutes this claim, as a spokesman for Party put it; "I can't speak for other sites but the people

sitting there on our virtual poker tables are very real."



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