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Poker Rules


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Poker rules are quite simple and everyone can manage to comprehend them.

The aim of the game is to make the best five-card combination.

To enter the game all the players have to make bets. The first and the second persons to the right of the dealer are called Small Blind and big Blind respectively. As the button, which determines the dealer moves after each hand, there are new Blinds during each new game. The Blinds have to post so-called forced bets to create the pot. Big Blind should be twice bigger than Small Blind. Other players can either call the Blinds of fold (that is quit the game). If one of the Blinds folds, the first person to the right should make the forced bet.

After the first betting round is finished, each player receives two cards face-down (hole cards). The second betting round goes and the flop is opened. The flop consists of three cards face-up (board cards or community cards). Each player can use any of the board cards to make his or her hand. The players bet once again and then two more cards (the turn and the river) are open. After each new card is open there goes a betting round.

After the last betting round there is a showdown. That means that all the players show their cards and the best hand is determined. Players can fold at each stage of the game. All their bets remain in the pot in this case. If it′s a no limit game, every player has an option of going all-in. That means that a player bets with his or her entire stack. If everybody call such bet, there are no more betting rounds. All the remaining cards are open and the best hand is determined.

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